Dine with Ghosts at the Harmony Inn

Dine with Ghosts at the Harmony Inn

I’m always on the hunt for seeking out the paranormal and the weird. I seldom actually see or experience anything paranormal but that doesn’t stop me from looking. Case in point, finding theHarmony Inn in Harmony, PA just a short jaunt from Pittsburg.

Here’s how it usually happens.

Every time I visit a new destination one of my very first questions is “Are there any haunted buildings/ghost stories in the area?”

The answers range from “Nope, there’s nothing here” to “You have got to check out this place!”

The last answer usually has me stumbling across the best kind of places.

Often times those places come with epic stories that make the visit completely worth my time and energy.

Dining at the Harmony Inn

The Harmony Inn is located in the Harmony Historic District and is serving up great food and drinks with a dash of friendly ghosts.

Entering the restaurant there will be a hostess stand immediately inside the door with a set of stairs directly in front of you, the bar and a dining room to your right and another dining room off to your left.

Y’all know that I took an immediate right into the bar to check it out while we were waiting for our table.

It’s a pretty awesome set up and I could see myself spending some time enjoying cocktails and listening to ghost stories from the bar staff.

If you continue through the bar there is a gorgeous outdoor patio for dining when the weather is good.

Why You Should Dine At The Harmony Inn

  1. Serving up craft food to match your craft beer
  2. Excellent selection of craft beers on tap. In fact, over 30 options for your consideration.
  3. Friendly ghosts
  4. Chance for a ghost encounter
  5. Patio dining in good weather
  6. Live music, open mic nights and trivia nights

Ghost Stories from the Harmony Inn

We were escorted upstairs to dine and were treated to some really delicious food. Of course, we asked our server about ghost stories and were treated to some great stories.

There have been reports of a little girl in a white dress that roams the area we were dining in. Furniture being rearranged with no human help.

Extreme fluctuations in temperature in times during the day.

Seeing a face in an open doorway (YIKES!) when no one is there.

On a good note, all of the encounters have been of a friendly nature. More startling than anything else.

We never saw the little girl while we were dining. We were even treated to a full tour of the attic and basement and, sadly, never bumped into a ghost or anything paranormal. I never experienced any cold or hot spots either.

I’m forever hopeful that when I visit a place I’ll see or feel something but usually leave without any ghostly experiences at all.

Luckily, the Harmony Inn is awesome enough on its own as a great place to dine and drink that the ghosts are just a bonus.

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