Take a Leisurely Historic Stroll through Savannah with Savannah Dan

Take a Leisurely Historic Stroll through Savannah with Savannah Dan

If you only have one day to spend in Savannah, GA and you’re looking for the best way to get a good overview of the area, as well as your fill of ghost stories, look no further than Savannah Dan tours.

After all, Savannah is one of the most haunted places in Georgia and maybe in the South.

Haunted Savannah Walking Tour

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Yes, there are lots of trolley tours in the area, but what is the fun of that? A walking tour gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs and see things at a much slower pace.

Plus, the walking pace of Savannah Dan tours lets you enjoy everything just a little bit more.

Historic Savannah Walking Tour

Where The Savannah Dan Tour Begins

Purchase your tickets in advance and head to Johnson Square to meet Savannah Dan at your appointed time.

Dan will be easy to find. Simply look for a tall and dapper gentleman in a seersucker suit with a fantastic bow tie and hat.

Emma & I with Savannah Dan taken YEARS ago 😉

Using that southern charm, that is a second language to those born and raised in the south, he welcomed us to Savannah and I knew we were in for a great time.

Savannah Church

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There was only a small group of us on our tour. A family from Alabama or Arkansas (pretty sure it was an “A” southern state) with two small children (maybe 8 & 5) and a couple from Florida.

The family had pulled the girls out of school to travel and I say CONGRATS to those parents for giving their kids the opportunity to see history up close and personal.

We used to do the same thing. Now I just homeschool Em so we can travel more 😉

A Stroll with Savannah Dan

Dan walks you through the streets of Savannah stopping along the way to share bits & pieces of history.

Engaging and entertaining at the same time he seems to bring history alive.

You walk through seven of the city squares and hear stories about their background; how they got their name, who the monuments depict, why and more.

Along the way, you pass churches, houses, and a cemetery and learn all sorts of interesting details like how the military used the cemetery as a base camp or how tall the crosses are on top of a church.

You’ll also learn why Savannah is considered one of the most haunted places in the U.S. (next time we are taking a ghost tour and with any luck, we might spot a ghost or two.)

Girl Scout Cookies!

If you are/were a Girl Scout you will be thrilled to know that the tour goes right by Juliet Low’s house as Dan shares how Girl Scouts were started. The best part….COOKIES!!!

Yes, that’s right, Dan told us there were Girl Scout cookies available at the gift shop and let us stop to buy some. Awesome!!!

The other members of our group were conservative and bought one box each. We bought three…I wasn’t holding back.

Should You Take A Savannah Dan Tour?

Overall this was a fabulous experience and one that I would highly recommend.

The small children on our tour seem to be enjoying it and Em, who was worried about being bored, asked when we could come back to Savannah and take the tour again. <<—-high praise indeed.

Learn more about SavannahDan and his tours on his website.