Why You Should take an Annapolis Ghost Tour

Why You Should take an Annapolis Ghost Tour

Years ago I had the opportunity to take an Annapolis ghost tour.

It might have actually been the very first haunted ghost walk I’d taken as I was VERY new to the idea of ghosts, hauntings, and things that go bump in the night.

To date, it’s one of my favorite walking tours and one of the best things to do when visiting a new haunted place, in my opinion.

Annapolis Ghost Tour

If you do a bit of research or use one of the ghost tours recommended on this site you will learn the history of the area plus hear a number of ghostly tales about area buildings.

The first thing to do when you arrive in historic Annapolis is to find parking. We found a parking garage and enjoyed dinner at a local pub prior to our walk.

Annapolis Ghost Tour

Annapolis Ghost Tour

We met our awesome tour guide for the Annapolis Ghost Tour at the Maryland Inn at the top of Main St.

We chatted while waiting for everyone else to show up and I just knew we were going to have a great tour.

Our guide was friendly, outgoing, and has a background in the theater arts!

We had a small group on the tour and we spent about 90 minutes walking through historic Annapolis.

Annapolis Ghost Tour

Our guide told wonderfully engaging stories at each stop.

I loved hearing the ghost stories, but, even more, I loved the history that was behind each story.

Even though we didn’t see any ghosts or have any type of paranormal experience (those are very few and far between) on our ghost tour we had a fabulous time.

I would recommend this trip to anyone that is in the area.

annapolis ghost tour

Plus, the tour is older kid-friendly. There was nothing gruesome or too scary. Just really great historical stories told in an entertaining and fun way.


Website: http://www.ghostsofannapolis.com/

Tickets start at $18

Check their online calendar for availability.

Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes!

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Annapolis Ghost Tour