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We’re on the hunt for the most obscure, bizarre, haunted, and strange destinations and stories we can find. From ghosts to cryptids and everything in between. We are sharing and exploring it all.

Taking you where most fear to go on our quest to find the weird and explainable.

We are searching for answers because we know THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE

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Meet Deb

Exploring the unexplained and looking for answers since forever. From exploring the haunted halls of buildings to wandering the forests looking for cryptids and UFOs, she is here to share the stories of the weird and obscure.

Favorite Paranormal TV Show: Katrina Weidman Travel the Dead and any of Jack Osborne’s shows.

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Meet Emma

Resident skeptic, she questions everything and helps keeps the stories in check. She joins Deb on many adventures in hopes of finding the truth because she knows it’s out there.

Favorite Paranormal TV Show: Any Josh Gates shows.

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