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13 Creepy Places to visit in Kentucky after Dark If You Dare

There’s a new kind of passport available for those visiting or living in Kentucky and it’s only for those that think they are brave enough to visit Kentucky After Dark. This passport takes you to some of the creepiest and spookiest places the state has to offer. From dogman to little green men to everything in between. Come explore the stranger side of Kentucky with me.

Waverly Hills Santitorium – Louisville

One of my favorite places to investigate, Waverly Hills Sanitorium does not disappoint. It’s an abandoned Tuberculosis hospital that opened in 1910. It’s consistently named one of the most haunted places in the country and offers tours ranging from historical to overnight paranormal investigations. If you’ve followed any ghost shows you’ve probably watched an episode for Waverly Hills. During the Halloween season, it turns into a haunted house with thrills and chills around every corner, but you know your girl doesn’t do Hollywood haunted houses, but y’all enjoy.

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Octagon Hall – Franklin

What is it with Octagon buildings always being haunted? Is the construction such that spirits can’t find their way out?  This building has a storied past of Civil War battles on the grounds and a spooky tale involving a 12 year old girl who died 3 days after a kitchen fire. 

I guess I shouldn’t say all octagon buildings, but I’ll just say if you want to see another incredibly haunted octagon building there’s one in Wytheville where a spirit called out my name and had me checking out for the night.

Ghost of Oldham – Oldham

Sometimes it’s not the buildings that are scary. Sometimes it’s the roads themselves as is the case in Oldham where a ghost figure haunts the roadways. There is also stories of driving at night down Sleepy Hollow Rd being chased off the road by a haunted hearse. As always, I’d be remiss not to mention CryBaby Bridge, Devil’s Point, and The Spirits of La Grange Ghost Tours. Learn more about creepy Oldham here.

Anderson Hotel – Lawrenceburg

At the Anderson Hotel there are accounts of people leaving with bite marks, the bathtubs having bloodstains and lots of apparition sightings. The Anderson Hotel offers paranormal investigations and a haunted house experience.

Bigfoot Sightings in Anderson County

For my squatch friends, Kentucky has not forgotten you. Lawrenceburg has the most reported sightings going all the way back to the late 1700s. Be sure to celebrate the hide and seek champion at Wildman Days Festival which is returning this year after taking a few years off. Be sure to watch their Facebook page for more information, but it looks like the festival will be in June.

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Dead Man’s Hollow – Scott County

The word on the street is if you drive an abandoned stretch of claustrophobic and winding highway just off U.S. Hwy 25, you’ll find goblins. Well, you’ll at least find an abandoned Shell gas station that now announces itself as Hell since the S fell off the sign.

But stories from this area go back as far as the early 1800s where is was known as Dead Man’s Hollow. Why Dead Man’s Hollow you ask? Well, that would be due to a number of dead bodies being found in a cave. Apparently that cave became the final resting place for many a innocent road trippers. However, what has never been determined is who killed these unfortunate victims.

Legends says that a mysterious hobgoblin-like creature with bony, claw-like hands and feet has made Dead Man’s Hollow its home for generations, feeding off the misfortune of any soul unfortunate enough to cross its path

Is it true, maybe. The area is also reported to be the the source of countless ghoulish stories passed down both in written record and by word of mouth.

Directions: Follow along US Highway 25 from Georgetown until you cross over Mile Run (A local waterway). You have now entered the fated Dead Man’s Hollow. Drive along the winding, claustrophobic roadway and be sure not to get lured out of your vehicle by any wandering spirits. The path ends at the Scott County line (If you’ve reached the town of Corinth your journey has come to an end.) 

Hauntings at Elm – Henderson

Known for having the most ghosts per capita Historic Henderson is the place to be for a ghost hunt and a visit to The Elms should top your list.The Elms, built in 1904, was an extension of the George Delker carriage factory which is now considered one of the most haunted buildings in the state of Kentucky.

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Battletown Witch Festival – Brandenburg

Stories here include first people sites, cave giants, and UFO sightings. The most famous dead resident, Leah Smock, a.k.a The Battletown Witch – is very real–and even celebrated at the annual Battletown Witch Festival. Be sure to take a ghost tour to learn more about Bradenburg hauntings when you visit.

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Little Green Men – Hopkinsville

Have you ever spotted Aliens? If so, you aren’t the only ones, a group of 11 in Hopkinsville KY in 1955 spotted two little green men at their farmhouse. This story inspired Steven Spielberg in the creation of E.T.. Stop by the museum in Hopkinsville to learn more about this experience.

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Whitehall – Richmond

Whitehall is a mansion that used to belong to Cassius Clay in Richmond KY. It is said That Classius and his family still haunt the halls to this day. People claim to see candle lights, noises and some even experience smells throughout the house. The mansion is now a historical museum and offers historic tours and holiday activities.

Dogman/Werewolf – Trigg County

Now, I’m a Michigan girl and y’all know that the first Dogman sighting is said to be from Wexford County, Michigan in the late 1800s. Then in 1987, Steve Cook wrote the Legend of the Dogman and Dogman fame grew overnight.

However in Kentucky back in the 1980s there was an incident where a family was mauled to death by a “creature” of sorts. Definitely Dogman-ish, maybe Werewolf, but here it’s known at the Beast of LBL (Land Between the Lakes = LBL). There was another sighting in 2017 near the Hotel California, but nothing since then. That doesn’t stop cryptic hunters from descending on the area to search for this elusive creature. Directions to sighting locations can be found here.

Trigg Terror Haunted Seed Mill – Cadiz

This theater style haunted house has been in operation for around 6 seasons and is known for scarring visitors of all ages So yeah, Trigg County has you covered when it comes to frightful creatures and fun.

Woolridge Monuments – Mayfield

Located in Maplewood Cemetery is “The Strange Procession That Never Moves”. The monuments represent Henry Wooldridge and his family it also includes his favorite animals. Will you come visit at night to see if you find any ghost or even Henry Woolridge ridding his horse through the cemetery.

‍Kentucky After Dark offers a passport program to help you keep track of all the haunted places you’ve visited. Each section has all the info you need to place your trip. After visiting each spot be sure to grab a stamp for your passport. You can find the passports at participating destination tourism offices.

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