Dining room at Duff Green Mansion.

A Stay At The Haunted Duff Green Mansion in Vicksburg MS

A stay at a haunted Civil War era mansion? Yes please! The Duff Green Mansion had me at “haunted.” But it charmed me with so much more.

Exterior Duff Green Mansion

History of Duff Green Mansion

Built in 1856, the Duff Green Mansion in Vicksburg, Mississippi began as the home of Duff andMary Lake Green.

A few short years later, the Civil War reached their doorstep and Duff Green is credited as having saved the neighborhood by offering up his beautiful home as a hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers.

After the war, the mansion lived quite the life. From its start as a luxurious entertainment home, to a hospital, to a soldier’s rest home, to a boys orphanage, to a Salvation Army Headquarters, Duff Green Mansion has seen and heard it all.

Duff Green Mansion 3

Is there a more fitting place to be haunted?

The 150-year-old bloodstains on the floor, the war cave where Mary Lake Green gave birth, and the lingering ghosts of six year-old Annie Green and a Confederate soldier all called my name.

It was an experience, both sobering and exciting, that I could not pass up.

Dixie Room Duff Green Mansion

The Rooms at Duff Green Mansion

The Duff Green Mansion boasts 9 beautiful rooms. Each room has a personality of its own, featuring a variety of antique furniture.

There are full bathrooms in each room except “The Nursery” which is most often used as an add-on to the Duff Green Suite for larger families.

Duff Green Mansion 8

I booked my stay in “The Dixie Room,” not just because it’s cozy and bright with a view of the rose garden.

The biggest draw?

The Confederate soldier who rocks all night beside the fireplace. Unfortunately, he did not reveal himself to me during my stay.

But I like to think he was rocking the night away even so.

Breakfast at Duff Green Mansion

The Food at Duff Green Mansion

As a Bed & Breakfast, the Duff Green Mansion provides a morning meal that is nothing short of luxurious.

At 8:30 every morning, the guests gather around the stunning dining room, beneath the crystal chandelier.

Each morning, I enjoyed a three-course breakfast beginning with a personal fruit compote and ending with dessert.

Yes, dessert! What a way to live large during vacation. I loved it.

The cheese grits soufflé that accompanied my main entree each morning was the perfect southern touch.

Duff Green Mansion 6

Take a History/Haunted Tour at Duff Green Mansion

Included with my stay and my delicious breakfast was a tour of the mansion. Every day after breakfast, a tour is given to the overnight guests and for a charge for the public.

During the tour I kept my eyes and ears peeled for the Confederate ghost but again he eluded me.

Nonetheless, the tour was incredibly fascinating. I learned what daily life was like for the original owners, including the story of Mary Lake Green giving birth in a cave nearby.

Duff Green Mansion 5

The transformation of the house through its various lives was riveting.

Ulysses S. Grant danced in the ballroom. The very room I stayed in was once a kitchen turned operating room.

I recommend taking the time to go on the tour.

Maybe you’ll have better luck than me with catching a glimpse of the Confederate soldier, or maybe little Annie Green.

Duff Green Mansion 9

Enjoy A Bit of R&R

In spite of its ghostly residents, The Duff Green is a peaceful, restful place.

Guests have access to the main floor sitting areas to rest, read, or socialize in style.

Plenty of comfortable patio seating surrounds the mansion and its pool.

I was very pleased with my stay at Duff Green Mansion, even without the company of the Confederate soldier.

Be sure to visit McRaven Home while in Vicksburg!

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Duff Green Mansion

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