Haunted Blairsden Mansion

Many ghost stories and folk lore have transpired around the magnificent Blairsden Mansion and its sprawling acres. Some people will claim that this place is haunted, and many people have stories of their own to tell.

In order to understand this mysterious place, one must first learn a little about the mansion’s history.

History of Blairsden Mansion

The Blairsden Mansion built in 1898 on 425 acres, which included part of the Raritan River, is host to many ghosts. The original owner Clinton Blair was an investment banker, built the massive 62,000 square-foot Italian-style mansion. The construction of the mansion took about five years to complete.

The mansion is comprised of 38 rooms, 26 fireplaces, an indoor tennis court, and a pool to name a few. Blair also commissioned the construction of a dam which extends across the Raritan River, creating Ravine Lake — a site that’s also rumored to be home to a ghost. Blair later constructed a private bridge to provide access to the mansion’s back door to allow deliveries.

Blair and his family lived at the home until Blair passed away in 1949. His heirs, unable to afford the massive home’s upkeep, sold the mansion, its furnishings, and the 425 acres surrounding the estate.

Sisters of St. John the Baptist

The mansion’s new owners were the Sisters of St. John the Baptist who purchased the mansion for $60,000.00. Some people say the sisters were into the occult, and others claim that the nuns used the mansion to house orphans.

Local people from the area say that the nuns remained relatively quiet, generally avoiding the public and only hosting the occasional visitor.

Today, the once-beautiful mansion sits abandoned and crumbling.

Who are the Ghosts of Blairsden Mansion?

People have claimed to see one ghost in particular; it is of a man dressed in out-of-date clothing. Most often, people have seen him sitting in his rowboat, in the Ravine Lake.

The man in the boat is usually spotted by the long abandoned bridge, close to the end of the lake. A few people have reported hearing the sounds of hooves along the lakeside trail, but horses have never been seen anywhere nearby.

Others have reported the ghost of a man on a path by the bridge. They say the ghost is that of a man the nuns had killed inside the mansion. He appears half way at the path, and supposedly tries to warn people to turn back.

Local Legend

Some residents claim the ghosts are that of the nuns. Local legend says that the head nun wanted to convert the other nuns to pagan religion, and when the nuns refused, the head nun killed them. She later took her own life after killing several visitors.

Today, the once-magnificent Blairsden Mansion is currently standing empty, awaiting its fate.

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