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6 Haunted Cemeteries of New England

The New England landscape is dotted with small cemeteries and historic graveyards, holding histories both known and unknown. While the paranormal activity is the subject of rumor and scepticism, many of the tragedies behind the graves are part of local history.

For paranormal investigators, a tour of New England’s most-haunted cemeteries is a chance to investigate accounts of supernatural activity firsthand with cameras and recording devices.

Three of its states are host to some of the region’s spookiest cemeteries, complete with stories of strange sightings and frightening encounters.

Six Haunted Cemeteries

New Hampshire Cemeteries

Gibson Road Cemetery hosts old-fashioned markers and tombstones from the 1800’s, as well as a reputation for ghosts. Flashes of lights and orbs have been encountered by ghost hunters. Visitors have also heard inexplicable voices and experienced the sensation of being watched.

Vale End Cemetery is another old burial ground with a haunted history. A strange poltergeist presence known as a “pukwudgie” pursues some visitors menacingly. Blue lights and strange figures have been spotted among the graves as well, with its most famous ghost being the “Blue Lady” who haunts its grounds. Paranormal investigators claim that other, more sinister, forces also haunt its grounds.

Connecticut Cemeteries

The quiet graveyard known as Pine Grove Cemetery is disturbed by a haunting presence. Strange moving figures and unusual noises have attracted the attention of ghost hunters curious to investigate. Visitors have also experienced strange smells and hot spots in the graveyard as well.

At Lamson Corner Cemetery, visitors have experienced orbs and strange apparitions. There are local legends regarding the reappearance of people buried in the cemetery, with some individuals claiming they have even spoken to the ghosts.

Massachusetts Cemeteries

At St. Mary’s Cemetery, white figures are sometimes spotted walking among the graves; flickering lights and footsteps have also disturbed individuals wandering through the cemetery’s grounds.

One of the most-haunted cemeteries in New England, Old Burial Hill is home to some of the region’s most historic graves (as well as its most-legendary ghost stories). Strange hauntings have occurred in this cemetery, including the presence of ghostly children playing among the graves.

Countless cemeteries have ghost stories connected to their graves, with burial grounds across all the New England states boasting the presence of both history and paranormal encounters.

Pay a visit to some of these unusual spots to conduct a first-hand investigation of their haunted reputations.

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