9 Scare Your Pants Off Haunts in Northern Virginia

Tis the season for haunted corn mazes, a haunted hay ride or a walk down the trail of terror, or even a haunted house at these haunts in Northern Virginia.

The halloween season is the time of haunted nightmares and we’re sharing 9 fantastic places.

Located just outside of Washington D.C., this area is rich in American history and there is no doubt some of it still lives on long after the Civil War battles have ended and the smoke has cleared.

Even though I’m not personally a fan of terrifying attractions or a haunted forest walk I do love a genuine ghost tour when haunt season rolls around.

The month of October really is my favorite time of year.

9 Scare Your Pants Off Haunts in Northern Virginia

haunted nightmares logo.

Haunted Nightmares – Winchester, VA

One of the top-rated haunts in Virginia, High Hill Farm’s “Haunted Nightmares” serves up some hair-raising scares. Step inside and experience horror and discomfort like never before! Haunted Nightmares is an intense attraction that features professional sets with theatrical lighting and special effects.

Also at High Hill Farm are quick-escape rooms with just 15 minutes to solve how to get out. These family-friendly rooms are not as scary, as no actors are involved. 


Workhouse Arts Center Haunt

The Workhouse Arts Center Haunted Trail – Fairfax County, VA 

Screams will echo across the 55-acre historic Workhouse campus, built on the grounds of the abandoned and notorious DC Department of Corrections Lorton Reformatory (now an exquisite working arts studio).

Chosen as 2018’s “#1 Must-See Haunt” in Virginia by TheScareFactor.com, the Workhouse Arts Center’s haunted trail is full of spooky scenes and stories, and creepy characters designed to bring brave attendees’ darkest fears to life.

“The Collection” allows guests to travel in small groups for a frightening 30 minute experience that brings them next to the site’s abandoned, historic buildings and into the dark woods where they will encounter terrifying characters and sights that are not for the faint of heart.

This might just be the scariest haunted house.

The new trail is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout October and on Halloween night.

There is more halloween fun to be had in Fairfax county which you can find here.

Clifton Haunted Trail – Clifton, VA

Explore eight acres on the Clifton Haunted Trail. This trail features scary skits and spooky scenes.

The trail itself is half-mile long. This one-night-only event is highly popular and tickets go fast, so keep an eye out for on-sale dates in early October.



Shocktober – Loudoun County, VA

Northern Virginia’s only REAL Haunted House is not for the faint of heart. Complete with special effects, creepy clowns, scary dolls, and scary fun.

Built in the 1800s, the foreboding mansion on Paxton Campus in Leesburg features more than 100 cast and crew to create the ultimate haunted house experience.

Shocktober’s Carlheim Manor is a one of a kind haunted house attraction as well as a historic site that spooks thousands of visitors at this annual event.

Additionally, this scary haunted house uses the proceeds from tickets sales to benefit their nonprofit organization.

Those looking to make a weekend of it, can book a stay at a partner hotel here and explore other haunted experiences in Loudoun.

madhaunter's madhouse logo.

Madhaunter’s Madhouse – Purcellville, VA

Awarded Virginia’s “Top Haunt” accolade in five out of six years by FrightFind, terrors being scared up at Madhaunter’s Madhouse. 

The unspeakable and frighteningly real horror visages that stalk every corner here are genuine in their evil as you will be shaken by their bloodcurdling screams. 

Wailing and what many consider to sound straight from Hell itself will constantly have you and your friends saying, “this can’t be real…right?”  

Packed with more jump scares than a slasher movie marathon, Madhunter’s Madhouse is a frightening haunted attraction that is for serious veteran attendees.

Dark wood manor logo.

Darkwood Manor – Luray, VA

This is not your typical haunted house. Darkwood Manor combines detailed sets, movie quality make-up, and talented actors to create a scary and unique haunted house experience. Each year we tell a new story surrounding the legend of DarkWood Manor, with new characters and scenes.

This isn’t your father’s old spook house! For over 17 years we have created a theatrical and interactive attraction based on original stories.  DarkWood is  a fun Halloween season attraction that will leave you screaming!

Good luck to all that enter.

Cox Farms Field of Fear – Centreville, VA

Cox Farms turns dark at night. Its normally friendly Imaginature Trail transforms into the half-mile long The Forest: Back 40 where madmen with chainsaws, creepy spiders and tales of the occult rule the night.

If you survive this fright, Fields of Fear will then take you on a Dark Side Hayride or set you loose in the Cornightmare. Now through November 5. Not recommended for children under 12.

If you prefer legend over jump-scares check out these legit Haunts in Northern Virginia

haunted Alexandria, VA

The Legend of the Female Stranger at Gadsby’s Tavern – Alexandria, VA

Founded in 1749, Alexandria has hundreds of years’ worth of ghost stories.

Taking a haunted tour is one of the most popular evening activities as you follow a costumed tour guide by lantern light down historic streets and cobblestone alleys.

The most famous ghost story dates back to 1816 and is known as the “legend of the female stranger.”

Alexandria hosts special events every year in honor of this ghost story, including one at the very site where she died and still haunts.

Find a complete list of Halloween events, where to visit a pumpkin patch or take a haunted hayride at the above link

red wine guzzling ghost

Wine Guzzling Ghost at The Winery at La Grange – Prince William County, VA 

The Winery at La Grange is a scenic 22-acre farm vineyard that is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon or your Saturday nights sipping wine.

Founded by a group of wine enthusiasts in 2005, the property now boasts eight acres of planted vines and a fully renovated manor house dating back to 1790, now used as their Tasting Room.

The vineyard is located just 40 miles southwest of Washington D.C. in Haymarket, Virginia. It sits at an elevation of about 600 feet, right at the foothills of Bull Run Mountain. 

The house and property are rich with history and folklore. Many visitors share their stories of experiences with the ghosts that live here.

Most of the encounters entail the piano in the parlor playing on its own, the ghost of a young girl who inhabits one of the upstairs rooms as well as the spirit of Benoni who guided the homes restoration project in the 1800’s.

Benoni E. Harrison purchased the La Grange estate in 1837 and lived here until he died in 1869. Rumor has it that Benoni still haunts the manor house to this day.

You will find a glass of red wine on the mantel in the Tasting Room, which is set out for his ghost each day to ensure the staff doesn’t encounter any mysterious phenomena while open to the public.

Although some believe the Manor House to be haunted, do not let that deter you from stopping by to experience the unique hand-crafted Virginia wine you can find here. 

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