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Dead Man’s Farm in Tennessee Is The Scariest Haunted House You’ll Ever Visit

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Start planning now to visit the scariest haunted houses near Lenoir City, Tennessee. Offering up some of the scariest attractions in the state Dead Man’s Farm is a popular haunted attraction that is only open weekends in October.

Honestly, if haunted houses are your thing you absolutely DO NOT want to miss this.

This popular haunted house, haunted corn maze ((shudder)), and haunted midway attracts people from all over for its creative horror theater complete with unholy abominations, 3-mini horror escape rooms, nightmarish virtual reality, fire breathing, side shows, fun music, and high energy.

The atmosphere around all the attractions is like a fun carnival setting with fire eaters, bonfires, music, concessions, and a whole lot of horror and scares.

Monster at Dead Man's Farm
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According to the mastermind behind the scenes the attractions are each psychologically designed to shock your senses, test your limits, and bring out your deepest fears!

The owners, who are awesome and I had the pleasure of chatting with at length, absolutely thrive on creating the best next level experiences they can for guests and every year it just gets better and better.

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Midway at Dead Man's Farm
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Things To Do At Dead Man’s Farm

Haunted House

Wind your way through buildings, a cemetery and more as you navigate the horrors of the Dead Man’s Farm haunted house. Based on the legend of the murderous Bludgeon Family.

The story, Created by Jeff Linginfelter, co-owner and creative energy behind Tennessee’s Scariest Haunted House, will scare you and thrill you at the same time.

Entrance to the Haunted Corn Maze at Dead Man's Farm
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Haunted Corn Maze

Honesty, y’all, they put actors dressed as monster clowns in the corn maze. I’m from the midwest, corn fields are scary enough (did you ever watch Children Of The Corn as a child? That will scar ya for life!) without adding creepy clowns to the mix.

Its a 5-acre corn maze created from their own crops. So it’s not only haunted with CLOWNS, but you have to work your way through the maze while scared out of your wits.

I know some of y’all are grabbing your calendar to see when you can make the road trip to Tennessee.

I applaud your courage and I’ll have an entire story of where to eat and stay shortly so that you can make a weekend of it.

3 Mini Escape Rooms with a Horror Twist

Enjoy each of these 5-minute horror escape rooms. There is the murder cabin escape, the asylum escape and the zombie cage escape.

Monster Clown at Dead Man's Farm
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Buried Alive

Yes, at Dead Man’s Farm you can volunteer to be buried alive. The 2-person coffin simulator has a camera inside it so the people outside can enjoy watching you freak out about being buried alive. Good times.

4 Virtual Reality Nightmares

Pop on the virtual reality goggles and face your fears. 4 different scenarios set to extremely scary levels.

Behind the Scenes at Dead Man’s Farm

I won’t give away too much but I’ll share this. I’m pretty much a scaredy cat by nature and you’ll not find me within 10 miles of Dead Man’s Farm Haunted House in October. Let’s just say that our mid-day tour with the lights on was plenty scary for me.

Yes, I like real ghosts and real haunts, but the Hollywood style haunted house theater will always be my personal very hard pass.

That being said, this is a full blown theater production with costume designers, make-up artists, tech specialists and more. It’s incredible the work that goes on behind the scenes for this scare event.

The artists have an incredible ability to create unnatural creatures, scary clowns and frightening actors.

As soon as they close the doors at the end of the season they start planning for the next year and their dedication to being the scariest in Tennessee and maybe in the U.S. shows.

I see why people absolutely LOVE it and come back year after year.

Pumpkin filled coffin
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Is There a “Touch” Option at Dead Man’s Farm?

For the uber brave, pre-COVID you could sign up for the touch option in the haunted house.

That’s right, you could agree to let the actors/monsters touch you while you’re going through the house.

In 2020, due to COVID, they were not able to offer that option.

Watch their site or Facebook page to see if they’ll bring back that option in 2021.

What If I’m Too Scared To Finish The Haunted House?

If you’re in the house and find the scare factor is way beyond your comfort level there is only one way to tap out and exit the game and that is to cluck like a chicken.

No shame in that, I give you credit for giving it a go.

Clucking like a chicken will get a staff member to come to your location and guide you out an emergency exit door, past all the people waiting in line, and the staff member will yell out to the person keeping count to add one more to the chicken run list.

Yes, it might be a bit of a walk of shame, but who cares, you’re out of the haunted house theater and back to a bit of reality.

Plus, you won’t be the first to cluck out. Well, maybe the first that season, but not the first ever. Each year, a couple hundred people take advantage of the chicken run.

Where is Dead Man’s Farm?

13100 W. Lee Hwy, Philadelphia, TN

Located in Loudon County, just outside of the Knoxville Tn area in East Tennessee

If using GPS, simply type in Dead Man’s Farm Haunted House and your GPS will pull up the directions.

Note: Uber, Lyft, or Rideshare may get you TO the farm but it wont get you back home.

When Does Dead Man’s Farm Open?

Dead Man’s Farm opens the first weekend in October and will be ready to scare the bejesus out of you for the entire month.

Couch on Fire with haunted clown sitting away from flames
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Tips for Visiting Dead Man’s Farm

Be sure to get there right when they open if you want to experience all of the activities. Unless you are one of the first in line there can be a significant wait.

My recommendation, do the house first, the corn maze, and if there is time left experience one or all of the 5-minute attractions in the midway.

If you can, purchase a fast pass to speed up the wait in line.

Outside of the haunted house at Dead Man's Farm
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Hours and Cost

The box office opens at 7p and depending on the night of the week the attractions close between 10p and 12a.

In 2020, the midway attractions started at $5 and the haunted house and haunted corn maze started at $15. Combo tickets are available and are the best way to go if you want to do it all.

There are also limited fast passes available so you can skip the line.

Can I Buy Tickets Online?

To save yourself from standing in ticket booth line waiting to buy tickets you can buy your tickets online and go directly to the haunted attraction of your choice.

Is There A Parking Fee?

There is a fee for parking. In 2020 it was $5/car.

Car pool with friends if possible.

Is Dead Mans Farm a real farm?

In short, yes, if you are talking about an agricultural farm. The land offers up sunny sunflowers in the summer and corn crops in the fall, there are even a couple farm animals, mainly chickens.

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