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17 Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania Sure To Make Your Spine Tingle

There is a treasure trove of haunted places in Pennsylvania that call to both the brave, or maybe not so brave, and the curious.

From the battle-scarred fields of Gettysburg to the eerie corridors of abandoned asylums, the Keystone State holds countless tales of the paranormal.

These sites, ranging from historic inns and theaters to former penitentiaries, offer a glimpse into the otherworldly, blending history with the supernatural. Embark on a journey through Pennsylvania’s most haunted places, where the past is never truly gone and each location has a ghost story to tell.

Beyond haunted establishments I’m also including a few haunted attractions for those that are very brave. That is not me, but I’m including them because I know some of y’all love a good jump scare during the Halloween season. I’ve also noticed that some of the attraction have haunted house during other holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas

17 Spine Tingling Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

Altoona: Mishler Theater

Mishler Theater visitors have reported seeing the ghost of its founder, Isaac Mishler, and experiencing unexplained phenomena. It remains operational and open to the public, haunted by its long history in the arts. Performers and patrons often report unusual occurrences backstage and in the auditorium.

Ravenwood Manor at Hegarty Mansion in Beccaria, PA

Beccari: Ravenwood Manor Haunted Attraction

Ravenwood Manor promises a haunting experience with actors, animatronics, and props ready to surprise and catch you off guard when you least expect it. The 30-minute tour begins the moment you park, with a dedicated scare team ensuring a memorable visit. Their scare team is dead serious about what they do.

Bedford County: Jean Bonnet Tavern

Jean Bonnet Tavern, nestled in Bedford County, is a haven for paranormal activity, with guests and staff reporting unexplained sounds, ghostly figures, and a pervasive feeling of being watched. Built in the 1760s, its rich history as a trading post, inn, and tavern has made it a hotspot for spectral sightings, including that of a soldier from the French and Indian War. The tavern, open to the public, offers both dining and lodging, inviting visitors to experience its haunted history firsthand. Its most famous ghostly encounters occur in the tavern’s oldest sections, where the past seems to linger in the air.

A few years ago I was driving from Michigan to Virginia and decided to stay the night here. I was really hopeful as I’d visited a few years prior to the for lunch and had a weird experience. Unfortunately, my overnight stay resulted in no ghostly visits or paranormal activity. Sometimes, I think when you want something to happen that is when the ghosts stay away. It’s those moments when you’re completely focused on something else that you’ll have a wild encounter. At least that’s been my experience.

Bradford: Keystone Theatre’s “Hale’s Haunted Weekend”

Towanda’s Keystone Theatre hosts “Hale’s Haunted Weekend” with ghost walks and the live comedy, “Blithe Spirit.” Discover ghosts, legends, and lore of some of Towanda’s most famous (and infamous) residents through a spooky guided tour.

Gettysburg: Farnsworth House Inn

Guests at Farnsworth House Inn often experience sightings of Civil War soldiers and hear knocking on the doors. It’s open to the public, with hauntings linked to its history as a Confederate stronghold. The inn served as a hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg, which contributes to its ghostly activities.

Gettysburg: Gettysburg Battlefield

The Gettysburg Battlefield is the site of the bloodiest battle of the civil war. Here visitors report seeing ghostly soldiers and hearing the sounds of battle. It’s open to the public, with its haunting attributed to the many lives of union soldiers and confederate soldiers lost during the pivotal Civil War battle. Paranormal investigations often capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and orbs in photographs, especially near Devil’s Den and Little Round Top.

Gettysburg: Jennie Wade House

The Jennie Wade House, where the only civilian casualty of the Battle of Gettysburg died, is a hotspot for paranormal activity, including sightings of Jennie’s ghost. It’s open to the public, offering tours that explore its tragic history. Visitors sometimes report feeling sudden cold spots and hearing the sound of Jennie’s voice. Be sure to have the tour guide point out the bullet hole in the door.

I have had some haunted, crazy experiences in Gettysburg and I feel like it’s one place you can go where you’re almost guaranteed to have something happen. From my sister seeing a full bodied apparition at the battlefield to me falling ill during a ghost tour but them immediately better as soon as we left the area. Gettysburg is always a wild ride and one place that I absolutely LOVE to visit.

Here’s a few more articles about my paranormal experiences and what to do in Gettysburg when you visit.

Harmony: Harmony Inn

The Harmony Inn is full of supernatural tales, which is a big draw for guests interested in learning about their ghostly residents and hoping to have their own paranormal experience. This historic establishment, dating back to the 19th century, is reputed to be haunted by the spirits of former owners and guests, manifesting in cold spots, disembodied footsteps, and eerie whispers. Go for dinner and maybe be treated to a ghostly show.

Sadly, during my visit to the Harmony Inn I didn’t encounter any spirits (well, of the otherwordly kind) nor hear anything unexplainable. More: The Harmony Inn – Where They Serve Up Great Food And Ghost Stories

Harrisburg: Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital

Now mostly closed to the public, the Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital is rumored to be haunted by former patients, with reports of eerie noises and shadowy figures in its abandoned halls. Its vast, decaying structures are a magnet for ghost hunters, despite restricted access.

hotel bethlehem

Lehigh Valley: Historic Hotel Bethlehem

The Historic Hotel Bethlehem boasts Victorian elegance and a haunted reputation, with four known spirits that have taken up residence over the years. Guests often experience paranormal phenomena in Room 932, famously known as the “Room with a Boo.”

Lawrence: Haunted Hill View Manor

Haunted Hill View Manor offers tours and paranormal investigations of its grounds, once a nursing home and poor farm. In October, it transforms the back yard into Scare Manor, featuring a haunted house and a grass maze field behind the main building.

Old Mill Village, Susquehanna County

Explore the haunted Old Mill Village with a spine-tingling nighttime candlelight Ghost Walk through Old Mill Village in the Endless Mountains. Experience ghost stories featuring shadowy figures and apparitions during a candlelight tour that’s sure to send chills, regardless of the weather.\

Philadelphia: Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary, once home to Al Capone, offers tours and a haunted house experience. Besides Al Capone, 75,000 inmates spent time behind its haunted walls. Beyond the hauntings it’s also known for introducing Americans to the idea of solitary confinement, its history has been explored through the Travel Channel: “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures.

Self-guided tours, a once-daily guided tour, and a Halloween haunted house, along with exhibitions and special events, make the massive prison a favorite among those who dare to enter.

This was a really interesting tour. It’s been years since I’ve visited, but I still think its worth going to if you’ve never been. Be open to the possibilities of bumping into something not from our time and space.

Philadelphia: Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin is known for paranormal activities such as unexplained noises, voices, and apparitions, particularly in the Officer’s Quarters. It’s open for tours, haunted by soldiers who died defending the fort during the Revolutionary War. The “Screaming Woman” and “Faceless Man” are among the most notorious spirits believed to reside here.

Enjoy more haunted Pennsylvania including road trip itineraries at 13 Ghost Adventures In Pennsylvania.

old-jail-museum haunted pennsylvania

Pocono Mountains: Old Jail Museum and Haunted Houses

The Pocono Mountains invite you to the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe, where you can wander cold hallways, explore under the gallows, of which seven of the accused Molly Maguires were put to death in the 1870s, and step foot in the dungeon if you dare. For more thrills, visit the Waldorf Estate of Fear or The Hotel of Horror.

Spring City: Pennhurst Asylum

Pennhurst Asylum is infamous for reports of disembodied voices, shadow figures, and physical touches. It’s now a haunted attraction, with its dark past of patient mistreatment fueling its haunted reputation. The Mayflower Building, in particular, is known for its intense paranormal activity.

Valley Forge: Black Powder Tavern

After paranormal activity during renovations, Black Powder Tavern returned to its Colonial-style décor, calming the spirits. It remains one of the Valley Forge area’s most popular restaurants and one of Montco’s top haunted destinations.

Paranormal activity included posters disappearing from the walls, a ladder folded up in a corner, and other things that made workers go hmmmm. When the remodel completed in 2013 the activity has been quite, but you never know what you might see when enjoying an evening meal.

BONUS LOCATION: American Philosophical Society Library

I’m adding this one just because I have a serious love affair with books.

Though not widely recognized for hauntings, the American Philosophical Society Library’s rich history and valuable collections contribute to tales of unexplained occurrences, primarily felt by staff and some researchers. It’s open to scholars and offers public tours. Rare books and artifacts may hold residual energy from their storied pasts, intriguing paranormal enthusiasts.

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