The Harmony Inn – Where They Serve Up Great Food and Ghost Stories

I love finding restaurants that serve great food as well as serve up delicious ghost stories. Case in point, Harmony Inn in Harmony, PA.

For those that are concerned that a ghost may interrupt their dining experience I’ll say that I’ve never experienced anything paranormal while dining out, but that doesn’t stop me from looking.

Harmony Inn

I think ghost stories just lend a little more spice to your dinner out and is always worth asking about if stories from the other side are your kind of thing.

Interested? Keep on reading to see what ghost stories the Harmony Inn has to share.

Harmony Inn on the Map

Where Is Harmony Inn Located?

The Harmony Inn is located in the national historic district of Harmony, Pennsylvania in Butler County, in Butler County, a short jaunt from Pittsburg.

More specifically, about a 30-minute drive north on I-79.

Once you exit the freeway it’s about a 1/2 mile from the exit until you arrive at 230 Mercer St.

Interestingly, the Harmony Inn is only about a block from a creek. This may be one of the reasons that the Harmony Inn has so many ghostly stories. Many believe that nearby moving water can by a conduit for paranormal activity.

Dining room at Harmony Inn PA

Dining at the Harmony Inn

The Harmony Inn serves up great food and drinks with a dash of friendly ghosts.

Enter the restaurant through the front door and check in at the hostess stand. Here you’re in the entryway of this beautiful historic home with a bar area and dining room to your right and another dining room off to your left. 

It’s a pretty awesome set up and I could see myself spending some time enjoying cocktails and listening to ghost stories from the bar staff.

If you continue through the bar there is a gorgeous outdoor patio to enjoy when the weather is good.

Upstairs dining room at the Harmony House

6 Reasons You Should Dine At The Historic Harmony Inn

  1. The serve up great food, everything from authentic german food to lighter fare that will match your craft beer, including many from North Country Brewing Company.
  2. Speaking of, they have an excellent selection of craft beers on tap. There are over 30 options for your consideration.
  3. Friendly ghosts
  4. The Harmony Inn takes reservations
  5. Outdoor seating in good weather
  6. Live music, open mic nights and trivia nights

The History of Harmony Inn

The Harmony Inn, built in 1856,  was the home of Austin Pearce, a prominent banker, mill operator and railroad executive..

Black walnut and chestnut woodwork was used throughout the home and it was the first home in the area to have indoor plumbing. It must has been the talk of the area back in the day.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pierce fell on hard times and his fortune didn’t last and he was forced to sell when his railroad business failed.

The next owner, a member of the Ziegler family, converted the home into a hotel and a bar, known as “The Ziegler Hotel.” It was one of the earliest licensed businesses in the county. During Ziegler’s ownership he added a two-story wing to the home. He continued to operated it as a hotel for many years.

Over the years the business had many owners until 1985 when two businessmen purchased the Inn and started the first craft beer bar in the county. They grew the business until 2013 when it was purchased by new owners who continue the Harmony House tradition today.

Ghost Stories from the Harmony Inn

We dined in the second floor dining room and were treated to delicious food. Of course, we had to ask our server about ghost stories and she did not disappoint.

There have been several reports of a little girl in a white dress that roams the area we were dining in. Other reports of furniture being rearranged with no human help.

Extreme fluctuations in temperature especially at dusk. Seeing a face in an open doorway (YIKES!) when no one is there.

On a good note, all of the encounters have been of a friendly nature. More startling than anything else.

Sadly, we never saw the little girl while we were dining. We were even treated to a full tour of the attic and basement and, sadly, never bumped into a ghost or anything paranormal. I never experienced any cold or hot spots either.

I’m forever hopeful that when I visit a place I’ll see or feel something but usually leave without any ghostly experiences at all.

Luckily, the Harmony Inn is awesome enough on its own as a great place to dine and drink that the ghosts are just a bonus.

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