Washingont County Florida Viisitor Center at night giving an eerie, haunted vibe.

Searching For The Unexplainable In Northwest Florida

When it comes to searching for the unexplainable we often look for bigfoot, ghosts and ufo, but what about ghost birds? There is a reason Florida is known for being weird and I have some stories from Northwest Florida to back it up.

Washingont County Florida Viisitor Center at night giving an eerie, haunted vibe.

Reason #1: Ghosts You Could Meet in Northwest Florida

My first stop in Chipley was the historical society where I met with a local historian. She shared about Chipley and Washington County and how it went from the lumbermill and farming industry to agriculture and tourism.

While I was chatting with the historian she shared some haunted stories with me. The most haunted building is believed to be City Hall. City Hall used to be the library. The ghost story goes that the lights were on in a room during the transition, but there was no power in that part of the building. It’s believed that a librarian still haunts those halls.

Another hot spot is the alley, behind Gloria’s, on the southwest side of the railroad where blue orbs are often photographed. I attempted to photograph orbs there but, sadly, nothing popped up on my images. The office for the visitor center is said to have a number of strange and unusual occurrences with noises and bumps and many first-hand account stories. 

One of my favorite stories is of Dikes cemetery where an alleged mob took a convict and hung him. It’s said that if you drive by the cemetery and look in your review mirror as you pass by you may just see him in your rearview mirror (creepy).

There are also ghost stories of a haunting at Bellamy Bridge. I wasn’t able to get out to Dikes cemetery, but I did drive to the parking area for Bellamy Bridge. From the parking area, take a trail that leads to the historic bridge. Sadly, I didn’t make the trek, the trail needs to be cleared and I try to avoid hiking solo. Mostly, because I’ve listened to far too much Missing 411 by David Paulides stories. The main take away, NEVER go into the woods alone. I would love to go back and check it out with a friend.

Reason #2: Ghost Birds in Northwest Florida

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (aka the Ghost Bird) hasn’t been spotted in over 70 years in Florida. Well, until recently. There are stories that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker still lives in the forested swamps of Florida and Louisiana. These black and white woodpeckers are the largest woodpecker in the United States and the third-largest in the world. When you are out exploring in Washington County on hiking trails or kayaking keep your eyes on the lookout for this elusive creature.

Bigfoot in NW Florida

Reason #3: Bigfoot Lives in Northwest Florida

If I had to pick a place to go look for bigfoot, Washington County would be at the top of my list. A number of people I met all had stories of hearing weird noises. Not weird noises from wild animals that are common to the area, but odd in that these outdoor enthusiasts can’t explain what they just heard or associate the noise to any known animals.

Bumps, knocks, howls, and chatter that just doesn’t make any logical sense. Ask about bigfoot and people don’t even look at you like you’re a little crazy. They just share their bigfoot story. I LOVE THAT!

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