Outside of the Story Inn in Nashville, IN

Is A Stay at The haunted Story Inn Worth the Inconvenient Location?

The Story Inn in Nashville, Indiana definitely isn’t in a convenient location but it was a toss up if it would be worth the drive.

A little south of Indianapolis I turned away from the city lights and drove down narrow, twisty, curvy roads surrounded by forest. There were, honestly, times that I fully expected Bigfoot to step out in front of my car. Of course, it didn’t help that it was edging towards the evening hours and I knew I wanted to be at the Story Inn well before dark.

Where Is The Story Inn Located?

When the Story Inn claims they have an inconvenient location since 1851 they aren’t kidding.

It has a Nashville, Indiana address, but its true location is in the unincorporated tiny town of Story, Indiana, a place on the way to absolutely nowhere. 

Story Inn Nashville, Indiana Outside of Building

Arriving at the Story Inn

Finally, when I’m sure I must have taken a wrong turn (the GPS stopped working miles before) I see a collection of rough and tumble buildings ahead. 

Whew, yes, I have correctly navigated to the Story Inn without a wrong turn. The same, unfortunately, couldn’t be said for my sister that was meeting me there. She was lost on the country roads searching for the inn for over an hour. It’s so important to screenshot the directions AND take a paper map with you.

When I arrived at the inn I parked in the gravel lot directly across from the Inn, grabbed my bags and followed the signs to registration.

I’m greeted by a friendly clerk that gives me the lay of the land (room, restaurant, etc) and bids me goodnight. 

All the rooms are located upstairs so I head on up to the Blue Lady room which is at the very top of the stairs and to the left. It’s said to be the most haunted room at the Inn.

Sitting area at Story Inn Nashville IN

Is The Story Inn Haunted?

There are rumors that the Story Inn is one of the most haunted places in the area and its the main reason I’m here.

Tell me a hotel, especially an older really cool one like the Story Inn, is haunted and I will find a way to spend the night.

Hey, we all have hobbies. This one is mine.

Paranormal activity and stories abound of a lady in a blue dress wandering around the Blue Lady room and the general store.

She is the ghost most seen at the Story Inn and one I’d really like to meet. 

There is a sitting area right outside my room for guests to lounge around and visit. I sat out there for some time waiting and listening for anything to happen and asking for the Blue Lady to come and visit.

Once my sister arrived and shook off a bad case of the nerves (driving those roads at night is no joke) her and my niece settled down in one room and I tucked myself into my Blue Lady bed.

Photo of Blue Lady Story Inn Nashville, IN

Did the Blue Lady Visit Me?

Try as I might to stay awake I fell off around 1 a.m. without experiencing any ghostly activity. 

Waking up around 6 a.m. I find myself talking to the Blue Lady and asking her if she’d like to say hello.

Again, nothing happened, but I did have a very restful night and was sad to be leaving that morning.

Because of our travel schedule, we weren’t able to stay for breakfast, but the reviews about the Story Inn restaurant have been outstanding.

Rooms Book Quickly, Make Reservations ASAP

The rooms do book quickly on the weekends so if you’re interested in a stay you’ll want to book a room as soon as possible.

Is There Cellular Service At the Inn?

At the time of my visit there was no Verizon cellular service in Story, Indiana.

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